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Big Solutions
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Take Control of your Business NOW

You don't need someone just to run reports so you can see what's wrong. You need someone to actually fix it for you.

Types of Challenges I Can Help Solve

Sandy’s Business Needs:

“I want to grow my revenue.”

• expand my customer base
• break into new markets
• reduce my expenses

Melissa’s Business Needs:

“I need help finding more qualified leads.”

• grow my email list
• set up effective email marketing
• grow my social media following
• rank higher on search engines

Rick’s Business Needs:

“I need to manage my business better.”

• modern, user friendly website
• systems to manage production, leads, and customers
• marketing help

More Solutions

Rank higher on Google • Shoppers can’t spend money on your products if they can’t find you. Don’t put all your eggs in the social media marketing basket.

Strategic Planning

Set long-term business objectives • Create plans to achieve them

Online Customer Experience

Leverage artificial intelligence to improve customer experience • Utilize ChatGPT  • Analyze data to create new opportunities for growth • Tailor products/services to better meet customer needs

Institute Operational Efficiency Improvements

Repetitive task automation • Streamline • Set-up and learn to read data analytics • Set-up methods to save maximum amount of time and money

Website Creation

Revamp your current website or launch a new one on WordPress or Shopify.

Affiliate Marketing

Set-up •  Clean-up • Network and make new connections

Hello. I’m Jenn, A believer in Small Business and the Incredible Heights You Can Reach. Take A Look Around & Tell Me What I Can Do For You.

I'm a small business advocate and
I want you to experience explosive growth!


track record

I’ve worked with more than 200 small e-commerce businesses. It took a lot to be one of the most trusted and respected in an industry.


real-life experience

I’ve owned and operated five successful small businesses.  Two brick-and-mortar locations and three online. I will take every shred of that knowledge and use it to make your business successful.


As I can remember, I wanted to own a business when I grew up. I have a BS in Business Administration and years of experience. They say, “If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.” I truly believe that.


I will go above and beyond what is expected. I have an eye for both small details and the big picture. I have years of experience running my own small businesses, I know how to communicate well. A passion for what I am doing. And I can help lead you to success.


Growing a small business is never easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding. I hope you give myself and Big Solutions for Small Business a try. I would be honored to help your business flourish.

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